Set the timer

I am setting the timer today. 10 minutes.

It was good to be back at work today. I had left myself in a good place before the break - organized and on top of things. It made going back to work a much better experience. And I completed everything on my list from Sunday night which was also VERY helpful!

It is interesting the things that remind me of our loss. Sometimes it is another family, sometimes it is the fact that Hugh, Calder and I are enjoying ourselves. . . Our happiness reminds me of our sadness. 

Ball season is up and running. It is fun to get throwing the ball around again. I took last season off. I didn't feel like playing after Tripp died. This year should be fun. Calder is old enough to come to the games and run around. I would like to see a little nicer weather, though. I do not like playing in the cold. My young body hated it. My older body loathes it.

I have FINALLY got some organization done on our new computer - and by new I mean the one we got before Christmas. I have organized all the photos and made a couple of movies. I still have last years photo album to create and I am still 10 months behind on home videos (I try to make one video for each month that is 5 minutes or less). I made 2 videos on the weekend, so hopefully I can keep that pace up for the next month!

I am loving the Kindle App on my iPad. Hugh has a Kindle and we can now share his account - which means I have all of his books on my iPad. It rocks!  I just finished a fabulous book if you like the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It is called Divergent by Veronica Roth

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I agree Jordan last night was much too cold for ball!! But I looked ahead and Dave was is suppose to be 19 on the night of our season opener.

    Keep up the pace with pictures - you and Deena truly amaze me with your ability to capture all the special moments in your lives with videos and pictures.

    Have a great week - see you Thursday!


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