My 30's

The last few months I have noticed wrinkles around my eyes. I am sure they were there before, but they just recently started having flashing lights around them every time I look in the mirror. At the end of March, Carmen at Blog By A Herzog posted Getting Older. I could totally relate. I know I am not old, but I want to look 40 when I'm 40, not 50. I, like Carmen, have started changing my habits. The last few summers I have stayed out of the sun and only ventured in with SPF 50 on. This was hard at first, because I love how I look with a bit of a tan. But when I weighed a tan vs cancer, it was a no brainer. More recently I have made a much bigger effort to watch my face every night. It is a small step, but as Carmen shares, really important. I had also noticed a decrease in strength and subsequently started doing sit-ups and push-ups in the morning. I am please to say it has been a couple of months and I have stuck with it!

This brings me to the 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know By The Time She's 30. I read it tonight and it was a good reminder of some of the other, more important things that come with 30. If you are a woman you NEED to read this list. It really affirmed for me how I have come into my own since I hit 29 for the fourth time.

I think it might be a good idea print this list and put it on my mirror. It can remind me that along with those wrinkles around my eyes comes so much more. . . Maybe then I will stop joking that I am 29 and holding and start be comfy, confident, and proud in my 32 year-old red pumps.


  1. Funny you post this today as I just observed some new additions to my face...damn you wrinkles. And then I also went back to Carmen's blog that you referenced to see what I was missing.

  2. I turned 31 yesterday and I love getting older. I find I am secure and love where I am physically and mentally more and more each year. I have come to terms with how I will age. I have pasty, white, dry skin which is perfect breeding grounds for wrinkles. I wash my face 50% of the time at night (which of course could use improving). Part of me likes the way age looks when I'm in good shape (which is always a work in progress). Your face will tell a story or your life. I promised myself years ago that I would never be ashamed of my age. I am 31 and looking great! It's easy to look awesome at 29, you are doing it at 32 (lol, closing in on 33) which is all the more impressive to me! Lol, with all this being said, I'm still glad calories don't count on your birthday :)

  3. That 30 things we should know post was awesome!!!!
    Oh! And just for the record - the best beauty product that I am trying right now is called the "Peel" by Dr. Dennis Grosse and you can get it at Sephora! Ask them for a sample that you can take home to see if you like it! I LOVE IT :)


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