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If you are looking for a place to dine on a Monday or Tuesday night in Saskatoon, you should try the Ivy's Lounge. They have 2 - 1 appetizers and a variety of dishes on their lounge menu that don't look or taste like traditional bar food (vegetable pasta for example). Not that I don't like bar food. . . . I love it (they had a steak sandwich that looked divine). Last night I was out with the girls and we had the calamari and the coconut shrimp to start. Both were good, but the shrimp were REALLY good. I mean I don't even like coconut and I loved them! 
• • •
I found this new cereal at Walmart. It may not be "new" I guess, but I did just find it! It is called Sally's and not only is it tasty, it comes without a box - a little less packaging is always a plus in my books. We have a few containers from Costco (about $15 for a set of 3) that we keep cereal in, so pouring is a breeze

• • •
If you smoke please, please, PLEASE, do not throw your cigarette butts out the window of you car. It is littering (not to mention disgusting). It is all I can do not to LOSE. MY. MIND. When I am driving to work and see people flicking them out their windows. This behaviour is on my top 5 most hated. Would you throw a chip bag on the street? Littering is littering in my book. 
Last week someone had the nerve to flick one right at my face. Seriously - had I not been in the van protected by my windshield, their butt would have hit me in the EYE. Luckily for me (and for them - because you know I would have chased them down), the butt smashed into my windshield. I had to use my wipers to remove it. Sick and infuriating.
• • •
I got new glasses last week and in spite of telling Hugh I was late getting home because I was picking up my new glasses, he failed to notice I was wearing them. Sigh. I like them. Mostly because they don't fall off my face like my old ones!


  1. We love that cereal as well! I was happy to discover it at Walmart and now will get some of those containers from Costco!

    I totally agree with the smokers thing as well. It drives me crazy. I think they should be fine 50$ or more each time they are caught doing that. I don't understand how people don't see the difference between that and throwing out garbage.

    On my walk to Walmart there is a place where people park their vehicles by the Home Dept. I always find piles of cigarettes on the road because that is where people empty out their ashtrays.

  2. It is Kyla who left that comment by the way!

  3. The ashtray thing drives me crazy too. Seriously - what is wrong with people. We live in this world and they treat it so disrespectfully!


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