Creating Opportunities

You MUST check out Deena's post from yesterday. Not only did she make an amazing video (and I am not just saying that because I am one of the stars), she wrote a really thought provoking post that, you guessed it, got me thinking.

Deena spoke about how experiences are better than material goods and how the gift she got at Christmas from her husband, Dan, was the best should could have every gotten - Not because it was a trip to a Jay's game, but because he gave her the opportunity to have an experience.

I think back to my post, Five Regrets of The Dying. On my deathbed I want to have a life that is full of experiences. I realize that won't happen unless I make the effort to create opportunities where experiences can be made.

I know Deena would agree that the experiences we create don't all have to to be big things like a trip to the Jay's game (although that was an AWESOME experience and a great thing to consider doing every few years!).  Sometimes those experiences might be things you do in your own home and backyard.

When I think back to some of the greatest times of my childhood I think about making forts with my brother and sister in the bush, playing kick-the-can at the lake, making crafts at my Grandma Fritshaw's and watching ice break on the river. I think about all of the great experiences I had playing sports and the family traditions we had over the holidays. I think of trips we took to visit family (which includes the one where Luke won a life size gorilla that then traveled all the way back from Vancouver in our van with us!).

Most of my experiences didn't cost money. They were created by unstructured play time outdoors, homemade crafts, soaking in our environment, and by having traditions. Some did cost money. My mom was INSISTENT that we have a cabin and some of my greatest memories of my childhood were created at the lake. The lake was a place where we got to forget we were "cool." It was a place where we got to be kids and play a little bit longer. Family trips and sports cost money, but my memories from those things come from the connections I made with family and teammates, not from tourist attractions or new cleats.

I want to create opportunities for Calder to have experiences. I want to create opportunities for myself to continue to have experiences. This will take some organization and planning, but want to look back at the end of the year and at the end of my life and have a long list of experiences that I will never forget. And creating those opportunities takes a bit of work.

Have a wonderful weekend. Organize an opportunity to have an experience!


  1. you said it, sista! Now that we're parents, it's important to remember that we're writing the stories of our kids childhoods and we're creating their opportunities, which is so importnant. So let's start on Saturday with a great get together of friends!

  2. I could not agree more! GREAT POST!

  3. SO SO SO true! This is what we try to think about when buying Christmas gifts! :)

    My mom always laughs, because she dolled out huge dollars to take us to Fernie once. And what did we talk about the month after: the waterslides in Medicine Hat, and when our cousin fell into the hot tub. ;)

  4. Been reading a bit of your blog this week. You are an amazing women!! We (my kids and I) watched your video of Toronto, and the kids think that you are a pretty cool mom, and want me to be fun like you! They want to make a video like it when we go on our trip this summer. Did you do it with your iPhone?

  5. Thanks Deena and Kelly!

    Dani - Love the Fernie story! I know my mom thinks the same thing about our trip to Vancouver. The highlight was Luke winning that stupid gorilla and him sitting beside it the whole drive back!

    Melody - I don't know if "cool" is the right word, LOL. Not afraid to been seen as a bit crazy may be more like it! But then again maybe that lack of fear is a bit cool? hahaha. Deena had her video camera, but you could totally do it with your iPhone!


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