Happy Easter

Calder did some blog worthy crafts this weekend. On Friday we got out the hard-boiled eggs and made Volcano Eggs. I completely recommend these. Calder was enthralled for 10 minutes and in his world that amount of time doing anything other than cars is noteworthy.  I would add rubber gloves to the recipe (fewer stained fingers) and a dash of extra baking soda on the top of each egg before you douse them with vinegar. The more bubbles the better the volcano (that's according to Calder. . . and me)!
Check out the beautiful eggs where this idea came from.
We spent Saturday afternoon at Hugh's brother and his wife's place. Grandma Hamilton brought a fabulous edible craft for Calder and his cousin Maddy to do. The kids were work horses. They pumped out quite a few birds nests in very little time. They were even asking if they could "please eat another another egg" every single time. Too cute! -  I was just devouring them!

Even a bigger hit that chowing down on the bird's nest were the necklaces the Easter Bunny (AKA Grandma Hamilton) brought. They are strung with Fruit Loops and Cheerios and Calder could not get enough!

At this point, Calder just threw the whole necklace in his mouth and chewed - elastic and all!

I will leave you with a conversation I had with Calder on Saturday Morning:

J: Calder, a long, long time ago there was a man named Jesus.

C: Jesus?

J: Yep, you got it, Jesus. Jesus was a very nice, kind man and he made the greatest sacrifice. He gave his life for the people he loved. It was a really big sacrifice and we need to think about making sacrifices and doing kind things for the people we love. 

C: And then Jesus sacrifice the Easter Bunny.

J: Something like that.

We have some work to do.


  1. Great idea Pam. Calder is so lucky to have such a wonderful Grandma!!


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