Right where I put them.

I lost my school keys last week.


I know. How brutal? I had taken a medical day on Wednesday and when I arrived back at work on Thursday they were not in their usual safe place, my purse. I looked through that suitcase of a thing 14 times. I scoured my classroom and the car. I looked in our entrance way and our office. I even had Hugh look in the car for me - I was convinced an extra set of eyes would be able to find them.

Since then I have been using a spare key, graciously given to me by our secretary and yesterday I lost it.


Why is this happening to me? During my prep I had to fill up my water bottle and use the washroom. I headed to the staff room and did both things. I went to leave and I couldn't find my key. I retraced my steps. It wasn't by the sink where I filled up the water bottle and it wasn't in the washroom. The only conclusion I could come to was that I must have left it in my classroom. Nope. I headed back down to the staff room to check one more time, but I had no luck. I then head to the office to try and explain to the secretary how I have lost 2 keys in one week. Just as I said, "I think I might be losing my mind," she cuts me off and tells me a staff member saw it by the sink in the staff room and turned it into the office. Crisis averted. Sanity returned.

I head back to give my period 5 class their exams. While they are writing a student comes up to me with a question that they are struggling with. With one quick look I know I have made a mistake making the exam. I tell him to sit down and that I will grab my key and have a look (this particular question was a nightmare to get to work and I worked on it for quite a while to get it the way I wanted). I go to grab my exam key and it is gone. I look again and it is still not there. I look in places I would never put it. Its not there either. Ughhhhhh. . . 

In that moment I convince myself a student has stolen my classroom keys, broke into my room, and stolen my key. DEAD SERIOUS. It's all I could think about. I was plotting how I was going to catch this kid while at the same time holding back tears of panic, they are going to have to re-key EVERY SINGLE DOOR IN THIS BUILDING.

In the meantime I re-do the question and clarify with students that y = 6 should be x = 6. At the end of the day grab a few other exam keys so I can mark some make-up exams at home and low and behold the missing key is in the EXACT spot I thought it was. I just didn't see it. Although the likely hood of a student stealing my keys has been dramatically diminished, the possibility is still lingering.

Feeling much better, I get my HUGE pile of marking gathered up and start heading out to the van. Rather than juggle all of my bags at the vehicle I plan ahead and start looking though my purse before I head out. Where are the van keys? Seriously. This can't be happening again. I toss the 2 envelopes of gravy mix, 2 envelopes of taco seasoning, and a jar of parsley to the side (I went to the grocery store before work and I am saving the world by not using plastic bags, people!). I run my hand through both compartments and can't feel them. Really? Really? I toss my wallet and phone out. Panic is setting in. What the heck is that? Out of the corner of my eye I see a shiney object at the bottom of my lip gloss compartment (I know you all have one!). I start diving through shimmering pinks and soft nudes until I arrive at MY SCHOOL KEYS.

"What the ????" This is followed by a bunch of words too inappropriate to type - but you know I said them all. "Jordan you are an idiot" followed all of my inappropriateness. After that I was just plain happy!

I haven't even told Hugh I found them. I know he is going to read about it here, but at least I won't have to see the look of confusion mixed with "Jordan you're an idiot" that will be written all over his face.

I might even just forward this link to my administrators so I don't have to see it on their faces either.

Oh - and my van keys were in my coat pocket. Silly me!


  1. Oh, how I've been there. Except that change "lip gloss compartment in purse" to "indoor shoe, brought home in lunch bag and then put away in coat closet".

    Yup. And you should see my keys. It should be relatively impossible to lose them.... :s :)

  2. I can totally relate. It is too easy to lose keys in my current purse. I actually downsized a bit and believe it or not, I lose my keys in my purse all the time now, and it is sooo frustrating! hahaha

  3. I am glad to hear I am not alone, girls!


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