Weekend of Firsts

On Sunday night my stomach started to ache. I went to bed a bit afraid I was getting the flu, but typically in our house Calder is the first one to be sick and since he was completely well, I was hopeful. Just after midnight all hope was lost. I spent the night running to the bathroom. I am a puker and I puked approximately every hour until Boone got up for the day (7 times total - I solely wrote that number to garner sympathy). For the first time ever, I nursed Boone laying down. I was afraid if I had to sit up for any length of time I would be heading to the bathroom for puke #8. I spent all day yesterday on the couch moaning. Thankfully Hugh was able to be home, because I was useless. I am just starting to feel better today. I have had worse pukefests, but the day afters aren't nearly as bad as yesterday. Needless to say, blogging hasn't been a priority, but I have so much to write about! There were a few firsts this weekend. . .

Calder sent his cousin to emerg for the first time (and hopefully the ONLY time). Pace came up on the wrong side of a golf club. Note to all parents: Golf clubs should not be trusted in the hands of toddlers. In case that doesn't seem obvious.

We finally convinced Calder he should try riding his bike without the training wheels and he had amazing success. I'm not going to lie. I got a bit teary. I can't believe how fast time has gone. Our baby is riding a two wheeler!

Boone also experienced a first, he found his toes!

Did you notice Boone's shorter locks? He also had his first hair cut this weekend! It was done by me. I learned with Calder that curly hair is quite forgiving! He is completely bald in the back, so it was time.

Lastly, I held my niece, Harper for the first time this weekend. She is the most smily little girl EVER! This girl could be a baby model. Seriously. I took over a dozen shots of her and most of them she is looking right at the camera smiling. There is no picture of my first as I held her right in the aftermath of Calder hitting Pace on his backswing with a club. There were obviously bigger things to deal with ;-)

I am going to take advantage of this crappy weather and am going to do some baking today. The way the forecast looks I may have a freezer full of muffins and bread before the week is out. Happy Tuesday.


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