All before 9 am

Sleep training Boone is going well. I would say he is officially sleeping through the night, as it has been 5 nights in a row that he hasn't needed love to get him through to the morning. Unfortunately, on many of these mornings he has thought 5:30 am was wake-up time. One of these days we were able to get him back to sleep, but yesterday morning, we had no such luck. I was so pumped that when Hugh left this morning at 5:30 and Boone didn't wake up. That is until Calder decided to JUMP out of his bed and run down the hall at 6:00 am. I was HOT - for three reasons -

  1.  Calder has been told numerous times over the past 3 days not to jump off his bed. In fact, 2 days ago he did the exact same thing and woke Boone up from his nap. There was a time-out and talking to then, but apparently the point didn't stick.
  2. Calder has a clock that has a blue face and shows a moon when he is supposed to be asleep and then turns to a yellow sun when he can get up. We set his to get up at 8 am (he is a 12 hour/ night sleeper). He knows he is not to leave his bed until "the sun gets up". He has books beside his bed to entertain himself if he gets up a bit early (He knows it it a bit early because there are stars that disappear through the night - if he wakes up at 2 am there might be 6 stars left - at 7 am there would be 1 star left). 
  3. I hadn't fallen back to sleep after Hugh left and I was tired!
Needless to say Mama wasn't happy. I got out of bed and swiftly made my way to Calder's room. In my best quiet yell (I was still really hopeful that Boone would go back to sleep) told Calder what he had done and that I didn't want to see him until the sun got up. 

Boone, of course, didn't go back to sleep. I fed him about 6:30 am and at about 6:45 was thinking that I would let Calder out of his bedroom cell. Just as I was thinking this Calder peeked his head out. Now, there was NO way I was letting him think that his asking was the reason I was letting him out, so I sent him back to his room and folded a load of laundry before I allowed him out!

I was tired, still a bit hot, but knowing I had to deal with Calder all day gave me motivation to turn the crappy start around. I immediately got on the text and have instructed Hugh to buy 2 white noise machines on his way home from work so this never happens again and then invited a friend and her kids over for an afternoon play date. I proceeded to tell Calder we could go for a bike ride after breakfast and he at like a champ. 

By 7:30 Calder, Boone and I were out the door and on our way. 

We have gone for bike rides a number of times this week. I treat them like "bonus" work outs. I run with Boone in the Chariot while Calder is on his bike (You aren't supposed pull kids under a year behind a bike - shaken baby syndrome, apparently). I go at whatever pace Calder goes. I am mostly jogging, but we stop lots to look at things and Calder walks his bike across every street. Calder gets to pick the way we go and even though we end up doing a bit of turning around because he changes his mind, it is fun to let him pick. I don't get upset when he goes slow, only when he stops right in front of me. (Early this week Calder kept telling me he was "running out of gas" as he slammed on the brakes in front of me. The third time this happened I rear ended him. I am confident that a 5 house radius heard me shout, "CALDER" and proceed to inform him that when real cars ran out of gas they pull over to the side! That lesson sunk in because today he ran out of gas twice and I was able to bypass him because he had pulled over! Ha!)
We always stop to watch the "Mightys" working on the new Rec Center!
Boone in the Chariot. This is a horrid picture. I should have lifted the screen off or taken it from farther back so you can actually tell where he is!
Picked this up on the last part of our ride. I think a few people thought I was having a coke on my morning jog, because I carried it rather than put it in the trailer (it still had some pop in it)! Tomorrow I am going to bring a bag to fill with garbage on our trek.

 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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