I did a bit of playing around with my camera this weekend. I have a Pentax K-x and am using the lens that came with it (18-55). I have been wanting a lens that is good for portraits, but before I make the purchase I think its best if I start to learn more about my camera and its settings.

 Hate the colour on this one, but love Calder's smile. I rarely catch him like this!

I shot most of these in manual (which means I adjust the shutter speed, ISO, etc.). I like some, and others seem a bit blurry to me. I want to get better at using natural light rather than my flash. The colour is so much nicer.

I took 214 shots. There are about 15 I like! Thank goodness for digital photography. I definitely wouldn't be able to afford to learn photography if I had to pay to have film developed!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. If David Fahie holds another camera class this fall in Martensville, I highly recommend it. He explains all the settings and their uses. I learned a lot.

  2. I think you did a great job in some difficult lighting! It is always harder when the light behind the subject is brighter than on the subject's face.

    If you don't like #3, next time in that lighting you could overexpose it a little more, by either a wider aperture or lower shutter speed. If you do that though, the background will be more washed out.

    If your shots seem blurry it is either because the shutter speed is too low and you can't hold it still enough or your subject is moving. Pretty common with kids! Go back and check what the shutter speed was. Try not to go below 60. With moving kids, you will need it to be even higher than 60. In this case, you could raise the ISO so you can also raise the shutter speed and keep the right exposure. Does your camera have tracking focus? If I am taking a photo of someone running or jumping for example, I will change the focus setting to that and it helps.

  3. This was also on my leap list! I never did take the course I wanted to take.. bah. Not a regret, but I wish I had made it more of a priority then!! :)

    Do you ever play with photoshop?

  4. Dianne, I will definitely look into that class.

    Anonymous, thanks so much for the tips!

    Dani, we have a Mac, so I use iPhoto. I have no clue when it comes to photoshop!


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