Boone is 4 months!

Boone continues to brighten our days with his smile, giggle and happy demeanor. Boone only gets fussy if he is hungry or tired and since he sticks to a regular eating/sleeping schedule, it isn't hard to figure out what Boone needs. Although Boone (and I) loves his schedule, he is flexible when we need him to be. He can stay up a bit longer if we are out watching a ball game and will tolerate being woken up early from a nap when it is time to take Calder to swimming lessons.

Boone only nurses for about 10 minutes during his daytime feeds. Between my fast milk and his fierce suck we waste no time. I give Boone a dream feed at night which can take longer (Boone goes to bed between 7 and 8 and I wake him before I go to bed to feed him one last time) By the end of the day I don't have as much milk and Boone is drowsy. This is by far my favorite feed with him. I get to sit in the dimly lit nursery holding a calm, relaxed, sleepy baby. So peaceful.

During his awake time, Boone likes playing in his bouncer or laying on the floor. One of his favorite times of the day is when we let him roll around naked. This happens at least once a day and since he pees every time, it does make for an extra load or two of laundry during the week - totally worth it, though! Boone also loves to have a bath. He kicks his feet and pounds his hands against the water for as long as we leave him in there. We have to keep a close eye on our little monkey. He likes to roll to his belly and isn't afraid to put his face in the water to try and do it in the bath tub! He could show Calder a thing or two about opening his eyes underwater!

Boone just started grabbing things this past week. It has been fun watching his skills improve. The moment he gets what he is reaching for it goes straight into his mouth. People keep asking me if he is teething - he hasn't been grumpy at all, but that doesn't entirely mean he isn't teething. When Calder was 7.5 months, I looked in his mouth and saw a tooth. Calder didn't fuss AT ALL when it came in (in fact, he didn't fuss when any of his teeth came in . . . feel free to hate me a bit ;-)) I doubt Boone is teething, but who the heck knows!

We cut out Boone's last night feed just over a week ago. For weeks prior Boone had been waking up in the morning not hungry, so it was time. I was sad and happy. Sad that my baby was getting so big he didn't need me at night any more and happy that a full night's rest was just around the corner. Last night was our first night that Boone made it the whole way through without a bit of love (When he wakes up during the night or a nap before it is time to get up we use the Baby Whisperer's "Pick-up/Put-down" method. . . I totally recommend this book for everyone!. . . It usually takes about 1 minute to get him back to sleep, but can occasionally take up to 5 minutes.).

I think I hold Boone a lot more than I held Calder (and not that Calder was neglected in ANY way). Boone is more cuddly, so he tolerates when I wrap my arms around him and snuggle him in. In fact, Boone may even like it :-), whereas Calder squirmed the moment I pulled him in! I also think I am enjoying baby Boone more. I feel like I have a deeper sense of appreciation for this time in a baby's life that I just didn't have when Calder was this young.

Boone dislikes being in his car seat unless the vehicle is moving. Regardless of how deep a sleep we think Boone is in, the moment the van stops his eyes pop open. And forget about pushing him around a grocery store in his stroller. Our happy baby turns into a screaming nightmare if we attempt to do this. This means I wear Boone in my wrap almost every time we leave the house and it doesn't hurt my feelings one bit. More cuddle time for me!

We were at the park in late June with Calder and Boone. Calder ran around the play structure as I bounced Boone in my wrap. Hugh commented, "I love this age." To which I responded, "Me, too." Hugh was referring to 4 years and I was referring to 4 months!


  1. Oh man, Bee could learn a thing or two from BOTH your kids! :) Especially that teething trick... oh how I'm hopeful! :)

    I can't believe how much Boone looks like Calder in the towel picture, where his hair is covered up! Otherwise, I usually just see his own little self... I love that hair! :)

  2. Such a handsome little guy!


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