Summer Vacation!

We do an annual getaway with our friends Jordan and Danielle and their son Jack every year. This year  in spite of the flooding, we headed to Calgary with a stop in Drumheller!
Calder and Jack in front of the World's Largest T-Rex!
Can you see us up in the mouth?!?
We hit the museum in Drumheller. It was SUPER busy. The boys didn't quite understand the concept of a museum. Instead of viewing the exhibits and soaking up information, the boys thought a museum was crowded race track. 
Jordan, Danielle, and Jack 
Calder and Hugh's best dino roar!
Calder asked us all winter if we could stay in a hotel! He was super pumped that we spent two nights in two different hotels - both had water slides! (I'm not sure what Calder is doing here. I took about 20 photos of the boys laying on the bed and in most of them he is trying to pinch Boone!)
There was some super hot weather in Calgary - above 30 degrees Celsius and closer to 35 degrees with the humidity. The house we rented advertised A/C, but it wasn't working. We got out as much as possible and found an incredible spray park on the hottest day.

Way too hot for clothes, hey Boone!
I made a point of getting Hugh to take this of Danielle and I. I'm not sure about you, but I have this serious tendency to forget to get pictures of me and my friends. I bet this is only the 3rd photo that exists of Danielle and I together and we have know each other for almost 5 years!
Boone needed a cool down! It was too hot to even nap :-)

Hanging out with the Clarkes is easy. We had a great trip and can't wait for next year!


  1. What a fabulous trip! And you're so right about never having photos of myself... especially now! :s

    I LOVE your top too... I've spotted them around town and adore it (especially the colours you've chosen!). Is it easy to breastfeed in? Where is it from?

  2. Super easy to breast feed in - which is exactly why I bought it. It is from Lululemon ($65). It has turned into my favorite summer tank (also very flattering around the belly!). I have it in all black, too!

  3. YES!! That's why I liked it- it didn't seem super tight around my ... not-tight belly! :) WHOOT! I might have to go and buy my first lulu purchase... :s :)


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