Calder is getting so big. And by big I mean all grown up! He has started to repeat phrases Hugh and I use like, "I'm not kidding". He has started inquiring more about what words mean. Yesterday he asked about "transfer", "clog", and "wound". The other day while we were eating cookies, Calder asked me, "Is that your tooth?" I had no clue what he was talking about so I asked for clarification. He said, "IS THAT YOUR TOOTH COOKIE?" Oh, my second cookie. No son, that was my third! He has continued to say tooth for second and I almos
Calder hauling in weeds at the lake. I need a rake and gloves. He is such a boy!
t don't want to correct him it is so cute!

He has also started to interact in more meaningful ways with Boone. Up until now he would mostly just get as physically close to Boone as he possibly could and then try to manhandle his face. Calder has now started to mimic our behaviour with Boone. He uses the same tone of voice and many of the same phrases. Calder has also started keeping more appropriate distance when he interacts with Boone and is learning that slow movements are often more gentle than fast ones! We found explaining what gentle meant hard with Calder, so we began to talk about being slow = being gentle!

In May and June I tried to do 15 minutes of school work with Calder about 3 days a week. We talked about a different letter each day and the sound it makes. This was a complete struggle most days. He would often be keen to do it, but once we sat down he would delay even writing his name. I am going to give it a break for the summer and just try and use our time in the van to give mini lessons. Calder has gotten very good at identifying the sounds at the beginning of words and then naming the letter associated with it and just recently begun to identify sounds and letters at the end of words. We are now going to work on sounding out and spelling words in the same family (cat, sat, bat, etc.). Calder can spell his full name (we made both his first and last name into little songs) as well as "Boone", "Mom" and "Dad". Calder used to be VERY into numbers, but that ship has sailed. I can't even coax him into counting to 30 with me now! I am fairly confident he could still do it, but he refuses to cooperate!

Calder is VERY into music these days. He loves country and dance tunes! When he hears a song he likes on the radio he is quick to let me know I should be writing the name of it down so that I can put it on a CD for him! His current favorites are "The Boys Round Here" by Blake Shelton, "Parking Lot Party" by Lee Brice, "1994" by Jasson Aldean, "Can't Hold Us" by Like the Bike, "Feel this Moment" by Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera and "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell.

Calder has a new addition to his good friends list, our neighbor, E. She is 4 as well and they have gotten to be such good buds over the last month. They have been going to daycare together for 2 years, but it really hasn't been until recently that Calder and E have become such great friends. Calder wants to play with her all the time. If both of our families are home, those two are most likely playing together - either in a backyard or in one of our homes. They play so well together. I am loving watching their friendship blossom!  E had recently been gone to the lake for a week. Calder was only home for the last couple days she was away, but every morning would head over and knock on their door to see if she was home to play. When Calder eventually saw our neighbors truck pull in their drive as they arrived home he jumped up, started chanting E's name, and headed straight to the door!


  1. E has been impatiently waiting for Calder to come home. She is now counting the sleeps until your return. They are too adorable together. It is great for them to have each other next door!


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