My own little pep talk

We went on a 5 night holiday over the long weekend. I spent much of last week getting ready and we arrived home at supper last night. It has felt like I haven't had time to write, but I know that it is more about me not making time to write.

If things are important, we make time for them. This blog is so important to me. I love it as therapy and a place where I can make connections with people, so I just need to bump it up on the priority list. Lately, I have chosen watching Master Chef or surfing Facebook over writing. As much as I like doing those mindless tasks, I feel so invigorated after writing - kind of like how I feel after running. Some days I have to give myself a pep talk to get my runners on . . . I am just going to have to do the same with writing.

Sometimes it is hard to come up with things to write about, but on the way home from our trip I brainstormed almost a dozen ideas of things I want to write about, but have been too lazy to! Today I am going to start by asking your help.

We are having some serious baby monitor issues. The last couple of weeks we have been burning through monitors. It started with an older Fisher Price model conking out. It had been working fine since we brought Boone home and then one day it quit. This prompted me to set up our video monitor that we got when Calder was born. There was some interference 4 years ago when we used it, but you could easily see and hear him (there was just a tad bit of static). This go around, it is basically useless. I then set up our Angel Monitor (it can tell if there is movement in the crib - like a baby breathing, for example). I have only been using it for sound and it has been working great - until this morning. It is now just screaming static (It was in perfect working order yesterday evening). I don't know what the heck is going on. All 3 monitors work on radio frequency, but I just don't get how they work one day and not the next.

Anyone have any ideas? Or some suggestions on a monitor they like? I can't even go out into the yard to weed my garden right now (and lord knows it needs it!) :-(


  1. The Avent monitor is awesome!! I loved it for a lot of reasons. It tells you the temperature of the babies rom, but I think the feature that i loved the most was that it was 2 can talk to baby through your monitor. I found that great (especially as the kids got a bit older).

    I had this one:

    I cant express how much i loved it!

    Becky J

  2. Our monitors kept konking out when Rowan arrived. We went through 2 and then decided not to replace them at all! Not sure how old he was but younger than one for sure! I just kept an eye on the time or cracked a window if I was outside.

  3. We don't use one. We did for a time when Jax was burn but I hated the static. I figure my mom didn't have one with her four and my mamere didn't have one with her 13 so....why do I need one? I always hear them anyway -likely because I rely on my own hearing and intuitions. Our senses become sharper when we don't rely on outside inventions.

  4. I coudl've written half of this post too!

    Can't write. Wall. Ideas swarming. Fingers broken. :( Hope to fix that today. These broken fingers are also affect my desire vs. productivity at my sewing machine.

    And at the weeds in my garden. But I haven't figured out how to get my angel care monitor to just use the sound... I really only use it for the sensor at night (because I'm still anxiously paranoid! :s)


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