Top 5

The top 5 things I am loving this week:

  1. Spending time with Calder in our backyard. Calder splashes in the paddling pool, I pick weeds and read.
  2. Rice and veggies. I am topping them with a bit of seasoning salt and margarine. Mmmmmm.
  3. My current read: The Host by Stephenie Meyer (you may recognize her name from the Twilight series).
  4. Swimming lessons with Calder. I am a proud mama. He is improving with every lesson.
  5. Master Chef - Hugh and I's summer t.v. addiction.
What are some things on your list?


  1. 1. Camping on Friday
    2. My book...Game of Thrones, book 4
    3. Evenings in the backyard with the kidlets...
    4. Slushies!!!
    5. Driving with my sunroof open :)


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