This weekend I had the most amazing chats with one of my BFF's from high school, Ader. I love the 2nd F part. When I get together with any of my BFF's we can always pick up right where we left off and I think that is the "forever" part. We will forever understand one another and that is why it feels like time and distance don't exist in our friendships.

Ader and I discussed a few things I had written about on my blog. Not the details of my life, more the big ideas like tiptoeing around people to protect them, for example. We also discussed my stress over the people who behind my back are saying, "It's time to get over it. You lost your baby."

Ader said something to me with tears in her eyes that I will never forget. She said, "Without your blog, I would not have known the true pain someone would feel after losing someone so dear. I would not have understood your grief is in everything you do. Without your blog, I might be one of those people."

After she said that I was so proud to be sharing my loss with anyone interested in reading. Ader has grown and learned from reading my words, just as I have grown and learned from reading others. Her words confirmed my passion to continue sharing Tripp's story.

We were sitting on the beach as we discussed Every. Single. Thing. going on in our lives. Because that's what BFF's do. We share EVERYTHING. It was a beautiful evening with a beautiful friend. Ader is compassionate, caring, and fierce. I am lucky to have her.


  1. I went home the next day so excited about our great talk. We so need to do it more often. Love you!!! <3


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