The stuff Calder says . . .

After Hugh gave Calder a stern talking to after a timeout, Calder quips, 

"Something smells."

It was Hugh's garlic breath.

• • • 
Conversation at JR's Ice Cream:

C: Is there rainbow?
J: I don't think so, bud. . . . Oh wait, there it is.
C: Told ja.

• • •
When we were driving home from the Meewasin Valley Authority after making our mask on Wednesday Calder says to me, "We need a baby." My mind was racing. Seriously - does this kid need a sibling or what? He is obsessed! 

I asked him why he wanted a baby and he told me, "We need a baby and a stroller. . . because then we woulda got to use the elevator."

As we were leaving the Meewasin Valley Authority the moms with strollers headed up the elevator. Calder wanted to go, but I told him only moms with strollers got to take it. 

Apparently Calder isn't obsessed with getting a baby - he just has excellent reasoning (and what math teacher wouldn't like that!).
• • •  
On our Monster and Gargoyle tour, we saw a man with long dark hair running on the trail down by the river. He was not wearing a shirt and his skin looked like leather. I am not exaggerating one bit. Ask ANY of the other moms. I wanted to run a bit to catch up to him so I could "accidentally" brush my hand on his back to see if it was actually leather. Crazy!

As we drove home I asked Calder if he had fun at on our outing. He responded, "yes." Wanting a bit more feedback I asked him what he liked. He said, "Everything . . . but not that lady without any shirt."

Bahahahahaha! I guess Calder was so traumatized by the leather skin, that he failed to realize that the long hair was on a man! I sniffled my laughs and Calder and I had a quick chat about the importance of wearing sunscreen.


  1. Haha... kids say the darnest things! They don't have a filter. They will make you laugh and they will make you cry! These were funny!

  2. "Was that a bag of leather that just ran by?" Bahahahaha!


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