My Big Catch

On Friday night at the lake we headed out on the boat shortly before Calder's bedtime. Calder wanted to go fishing.

Out on the lake Calder made a few terrific casts. It is amazing how quickly he has caught on to how the fishing rod works. Once he had reeled in his line those few times, he put his rod down and asked, "When are we going to catch a fish?" His lure doesn't have a hook on it. He is good, but not any where near having a hook good :-)

My brother, Luke, started goading Hugh and I about who would catch the first fish. I enjoy fishing but have NO clue about it. We found a spot and took a few casts. Apparently, Luke parked in the wrong spot. Calder pointed to the west and told Uncle Luke, "The fish are over there." Luke immediately started the motor and got us trolling in that direction.

I asked how much line to put out. They laughed and said it didn't matter. Then I realized I didn't have a fishing license. I told Luke and Hugh that if a conservation officer came over, I was just holding Calder's rod. They laughed. Then they told me I was on my own. 

Then, much to everyone's surprise, I caught a fish.

I was so shocked, I kept repeating, "You guys, I caught a fish." They hustled in their lines as they both responded, "Yes, Jord. I know."

Catching that fish was hard work. My arm was getting tired. I started complaining about it. Then I started complaining about my Dad's backward fishing. His reel is set-up left handed (and no, my Dad is NOT left handed). I was holding it upside down so I could use my right. This mean I was reeling it in backwards. Just when I was seriously considering figuring out a way to flip the rod to give my left arm a go at it, the fish was at the boat. I, still seated, couldn't see my catch at first, but I could hear Hugh and Luke's reactions as they leaned over the side of the boat. They swore. Then Luke may have even said, "That is the biggest Jack I have seen pulled out of this lake." (He actually did say that, but was quick to deny it when I was bragging up my catch on shore)

The boys considered releasing it. In fact Luke was lowering it into the water when I screamed, "NOOOOOO. . . . ." I was seriously so proud of that thing, I needed a picture with it.

When we put in in the live well it when belly up. There was quite the struggle to get the hook out. It made me feel a bit less greedy wanting to keep it. Turns out we wouldn't have been able to release it anyways.

Here it is. My 8 pound Jackfish. 
Here are pictures of me being a loser.

At this point the fish had had enough. It started flailing around. I started screaming.

Good eats!


  1. Nice Jordan! I'm sure the guys were jealous :)
    Aunty Pat

  2. Yeah!!! GIRL POWER!!! And holy crap you are in amazing shape, Jordan. I aspire to get there - you are an inspiration. :)

  3. WOW!! You're amazing! Not only did you catch one HUGE FISH, but you also got that close! And for long enough to take that many pictures! :) I'd have been outta there... and would've likely thrown the rod in the water as soon as I felt the first tug! :) Nice work! :)

  4. As a former Conservation Enforcement student I say tsk tsk! on not having the licence!!

    great looking fish however! did it taste good? I miss a good Jack Fish fry:)

  5. Lucky for you this past weekend was Free Fishing Weekend in Saskatchewan, when you don't need to purchase a license anyways!

  6. Thanks everyone one! I still am pumped!

    Yes, Anonymous! Luke actually mentioned that while we were in the boat! Worked out sweet for me!

  7. Wow! That was a great catch! And to think you reeled it in with your dad’s rod was just amazing. Looks like you all had an awesome time. Events like this stick with you for a long time. Remember to never tear a hook out, and be sure to purchase an efficient hook remover next time. ; )

    Melanie Daryl


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