Southern Prairie Railway

This past weekend we were down visiting the Clarke's and took in the Southern Prairie Railway in Ogema, SK.

The train took about 40 minutes to arrive at our destination, Pangman, SK. There was supposed to be a farmer's market, but it was more like a few locals having a garage sale. We did spot this sweet mullet, which was probably the highlight of the stop!
Now, the million dollar question, would I recommend doing this? Yes. Keep in mind that as excited as our kids were to ride the train (and they were excited), after about 10 minutes the novelty wore off and they were bored. I would recommend packing some toys (maybe some trains?) and plenty of snacks. The iPad also might come in handy. They were pretty excited for the first 10 minutes. The next 30 there and the 40 minutes back were challenging!

The Southern Prairie Railway made its first run this June. I am looking forward to seeing how it grows.


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