Chasing Earthworms

This is Calder's first time taking a picture with Mommy's camera! It was pouring this morning and Calder and I thought a bit of puddle jumping would do us some good! We had a fabulous time splashing, playing street hockey, and spying the abundance of earthworms out for a swim. We were out for almost an hour and Calder was absolutely soaked when we came back. Apparently, his splash suit is not waterproof. I could have wrung out his clothes underneath!

I will say, he wasn't nearly as cold at the end of puddle jumping as he was at his first swimming lesson today. After the lesson, as I whipped him into his dry clothes he pointed to his chin to show me it was rattling! Then he told me he couldn't talk because his chin was rattling so much!  More on lessons later in the week - hopefully we will get some warm weather and I can snap a few pictures!


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