Monsters and Gargoyles

This morning I was on the hunt for monsters and gargoyles with a group of parents and their kids. We scoured around downtown Saskatoon and were amazed at what we found. Our tour was put on by the Meewasin Valley Authority.
I knew Calder had found this one when he exclaimed, "It has a straw coming out of its mouth!"
Can you spot the lion?
Here's a closer look!
Our group (tour guide is in the blue on the right)
There were so many animals on the Delta Bessborough that we couldn't even begin to point them all out.

I think I got more our of the tour than Calder! Our guide introduced me to some of the history of Saskatoon, which I find incredibly interesting. It was a beautiful morning and a great experience.
When the tour was over the kids got to make monster masks! If you are interested in this tour, you can contact the Meewasin Valley Authority Interpretive Center. They were VERY accommodating. I am already making a mental note to book this again for next summer!


  1. Looks like a good tour.

    Funny thing - I recognize a family in your tour pictures from another blog I read. Small world.

  2. That was me commenting above....apparently I wasnt logged in ;)


  3. Such an awesome experience! :) Thanks for sharing this gem... is there an age qualifier for the tour? Can all kids come?? ;)


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