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Hockey & Hearts

My friend, Danielle, recently told me about an AMAZING fundraiser she was involved with. It gave me goosebumps. I wanted her to share this incredible story with EVERYONE. It is inspiring what one group of people can do. Here it is:

I was telling Jordan about a fabulous event that I helped put on in my community of Rouleau, SK and she thought maybe all of you would enjoy hearing about it too.  I am not half the writer that Jordan is but here goes....

In the winter of 2010 while celebrating and debrieifing the success of a different event our town put on, the idea of a Celebrity Golf Tournament was introduced. Since we have our very own celebrity, Keith Aulie, then of the Toronto Maple Leafs and now of the Tampa Bay Lightening, a committee was formed and they ran with the idea.  

At the time my family and I lived in Warman, SK so we were unable to help with the planning and organizing but at the 1st Annual Hockey and Hearts Celebrity Golf Tournament $30,000 was raised. The money was used to help renovate our local rink and they gave a donation to the Mandi Schwartz Memorial Bursary, which helps with funding for future Notre Dame Hounds. Mandi Schwartz went to Notre Dame College but lost her very brave, hard fought battle to Leukemia in April of 2011.  She touched the entire hockey community. For more information about Mandi see our website at

When planning for the 2nd Annual Tournament began, we were living back in Rouleau and I just knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing event.  The head of the committee had his sights set high and had the determination to go after a new much high goal of $100,000.

The date of our 2nd Annual Hockey and Hearts Celebrity Golf Tournament was June 18, 2012 and what a day it was.  Our presenting sponsor was Young's Equipment Ltd and we entertained 150 golfers.  Our meal sponsor was Bayer Crop Science and we fed 250 people at the Sportsman Banquet.  We had a raffle, silent and live auctions and there were many other sponsors for holes, transportation, etc.  We had 12 celebrities including, Jayden Schwartz (St. Louis Blues), Luke Schenn (Toronto Maple Leafs), Tyler Bozak (Toronto Maple Leafs), Bob Poley and Roger Aldag (Saskatchewan Roughriders Alumni), Mark McMorris (Snowboarder, Winter X Games Gold Medalist), for a complete list see our website.  Willy Cole, a retired radio personality from 620 CKRM, was our MC and he did a fantastic job.  Rod Pederson, the voice of the Riders on 620 CKRM, did his radio show "Sportscage" live from the event.

At the Sportsman dinner it was very moving to hear of our approximate fundraising total of $100,000 plus we received a Government Grant for $50,000.  Some of the money will be used to continue the renovations for our rink and some went to two very important causes that are close to our "hearts".  Bill Aulie, the head of the committee, presented a cheque to Mandi Schwartz's parents for her Memorial Bursary again and as they spoke there wasn't very many dry eyes in the house.  A second cheque was presented to a trust fund for a little boy named Clark Froehlich, his mother Jacalyn is originally from Rouleau and Clark is a huge sports fan.  He is currently bravely battling a rare form of cancer.  As his family spoke there were more tears.

It was great to be a small part of such a successful event.  It is amazing what can happen when people come together to reach a common goal.  I am sure proud to call this little town of Rouleau home!  A lot of BIG hearts around here.

A little advertising plug - for more information see our website - or "Like" us on Facebook at Hockey and Hearts Celebrity Golf Tournament.

Danielle - double fisting :-) I LOVE it!!!
The population of Rouleau is approximately 400 people. They fundraised $150,000. If that isn't inspiring, I'm not sure what is. Congratulations, Danielle and the community of Rouleau! 

p.s. Danielle, you are a great writer! And I am so excited you wrote this to share on my blog!


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