The most important job we have

Joe Paterno was the head coach of Penn State Nittany Lions for 46 years. He coached undefeated teams, won major bowls and at the time of his death in January, 2012 he had more wins than any other division I football coach.

What stands out more than any major football accolade is that he failed to protect young boys from a sexual predator. It sickens me.  Jerry Sandusky was Paterno's assistant coach. He sexually abused young men for 15 years. He used the Penn State Football program to recruit them. Paterno knew and looked the other way.

While in the van this weekend we heard an article by Rick Reilly titled, The sins of the father. Read it. It is worth your time.

Reilly sums it up best:

I talked about Paterno's "true legacy" in all of this. Here's his true legacy: Paterno let a child molester go when he could've stopped him. He let him go and then lied to cover his sinister tracks. He let a rapist go to save his own recruiting successes and fundraising pitches and big-fish-small-pond hide.

I may never find myself in a position similar to Paterno, but there are MANY different situations I could find myself in where a child needs someone to advocate for them. For me this might mean confronting an adult who is yelling at a young ref. It may mean investigating some strange bruises on a student in my class, or it may mean taking action if I see a stranger physically or verbally abusing a child.

I need to take responsibility for protecting children.  We all do.


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