Baba and Papa's

This week Calder and I went to visit Kerri at her parents' place. Her parents, who Calder affectionately calls Baba and Papa (just like Dylan) live at the lake.

We took their pontoon boat out both days we were there (I SO want one) and went swimming at a sandbar. Here are my 3 favourite shots:

Calder has really begun to love the water. He will go out over his head and doggy paddle (very slowly, and very short distances). He is also getting more comfortable if his head goes under. At this point he comes up with a complete look of panic on his face, but thankfully the days of full-out meltdown are past!

I am looking forward to Calder's swimming lessons starting next week. If you remember last year we made it to 3 lessons before the stress consumed us and we quit! Sea Turtle, here we come!


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