Rink Rat

I think the thing I am going to miss most about Calder being an only child is going to Hugh's hockey games.

Calder loves it there. He listens so well. He asks questions, cuddles with me under the blankets, and shares my infatuation with 5 cent candies.

It is an incredibly special time for me to have with him. Calder doesn't always listen well, especially to me and always runs to Hugh first when he has a question or is looking to cuddle. At the rink this is different. We go to watch Daddy, but it is all about Mama and Calder time.

Two weeks ago we went with the team on the bus to Lloydminster. Calder was pumped to be on the bus and once we got rolling, exclaimed, "We're moving," "We're taller than a semi," "Look Mom, there are some trees." Hugh sat with some guys a few rows back. I was sure that Calder was going to want to go sit on his Dad's knee for the entire trip - be one of the boys. But he didn't. He sat with me virtually the entire trip. We had a marvelous time together and when we got home and Hugh laid Calder to bed I tried to verbalize to Hugh how happy going to games with Calder made me. I actually got choked up talking about it.

You see, when I look back at our time together, I am going to remember going to the rink and being #1 in Calder's eyes. I am going to remember the cuddles, questions, and quality time that he and I spent in each other's company.

Calder on the other hand is going to remember Uncle Luke squishing people, Lyndon scoring goals, Josh getting in a fight, and THE DRESSING ROOM!

Hugh thinks I'm wrong - but even if I'm not, I am completely okay with that.


  1. Look at your beautiful matching eyes! :)

    Glad you had those moments, and those memories made at the rink. The rink is a fabulous place to be! :)


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