My 4 Cents

I recently canceled an American Express credit card that I never used. In fact, I think it had been over 2 years since I had taken it out of my wallet. The cancellation was well overdue!

The last time we had paid the balance we had accidentally overpaid by $0.04. The customer service representative told me they would mail me a cheque for that amount. I told her not to worry about a cheque, but she told me they couldn't leave a balance on my account if I wanted to cancel the card. I then asked her if was possible to donate the amount and she told me no.

It cost American Express $0.63 to mail the cheque. On top of that there was a cost to print it and shove the cheque in an envelope. 

I am thinking that $0.04 cost them at least $0.75. 



  1. Never cash it. That'll cost them more to hold on their books and then have to process the eventual cancellation after the cheque expires.

    Then once it's cancelled, take them to small claims court. And don't show up. Bahahaha.

  2. Oh man, that's amazing. And now you get to deposit a cheque for 0.04. Lol, at least you might make someone at the bank's day? :)


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