Baby Update

At our 36 week ultrasound last week I got some news I wasn't prepared for. The baby had slipped from the 85th percentile to the 35th. I was scared. Dr. M assured me there wasn't anything to worry about. She said I wasn't going to have a big baby and there was good movement and lots of fluid surrounding it. At my 32 week ultrasound Dr. M estimated the baby's weight at 6 lbs 1 oz. At this appointment Dr. M estimated the baby's weight at 6 lbs 4 oz.

I was worried.

At our 37 week ultrasound this week, I got news I wasn't expecting. The baby was back to measuring big! Dr. Martel said that a cause of this discrepency could simply be that the way the baby is sitting makes it hard for her to get accurate measurements. This week the baby's head had slipped so low that the best she could do was estimate the size. After taking a thorough look around, Dr. Martel told me that her measurements were saying the baby was 7 lbs 6 oz, but she felt that the baby probably weighs closer to 7 lbs. There is still good fetal movement and lots of fluid surrounding the baby.

I was elated.

It was a scary week for me, but I am back to resting easy. Well - as easy as it gets for me :-) I go back on Wednesday for another peak.

We also got the plan back from the baby's future NICU doctor, Dr. S this week. We are so pleased that if the baby presents healthy upon arrival it can stay with us until the blood work that needs to be done comes back. At that point, if the baby falls in the 30% that aren't affected with NH, he/she will continue to stay with us. If the blood work comes back indicated NH, it will go to NICU to be treated.

I also received some good news about breast feeding in Dr. S's plan. When I was doing some reading about IVIG babies this fall, I read that breast feeding wasn't recommended because the antibodies that I have in my bloodstream that are harmful to the baby could pass through the milk. I was devastated. I followed my findings up with Dr. Martel in late November and she told me she had done some reading on it as well, but that in the last year doctors were using a more "play it by ear" approach - introducing breast milk slowly and monitoring the baby's health. Dr. S (who had told us he was going to email Dr. Whitington (NH expert)) has written in the baby's plan that there is no reason why I can't breast feed.

I am psyched!


  1. Amazing update. SO happy to hear that your measurements are back up to healthy, happy, big baby! :)

    And great news for breastfeeding...

    Holy smokes... any day! :) Will be thinking of you non-stop until then, and the days and weeks following, hoping that you're all getting the support you need, and more good news after good news!!

  2. YEA!!! All great NEWS! I was a little worried when you told me about the measurements but this is GREAT news! I am really hoping everything goes great for breastfeeding for you! You can DO IT!

    I really never thought you would still be preggers at this point! lol. I bet you did not either! Good news the baby's head is nice and low also: they are ready for an easy delivery!

  3. Great news Jordan.
    Happy for you.
    Love Aunty Pat


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