Happy birthday Tripp

Today I am going to celebrate my youngest baby. He would have turned 2 today.

I often think about what Tripp would be doing if he were here. How tall he would be or the number of words he would be saying. I try to imagine what he would look like as a 2 year-old. But most of the time Tripp is just my baby and that's how I see him.

I saved writing this post until this morning. I wanted to write in the moment. I didn't want to predict how I would feel. I wanted to let myself write from February 18.

I want today to be a celebration of Tripp, but in this moment I am sad. I have tried not to think about the details up to this point, because they bring up the emotions that make this moment hurt.

In my mind, we started our formal celebration of Tripp's birthday yesterday with a visit to the zoo. We knew we wouldn't have much time today. I really feel closet to Tripp outside. I loved it.

This morning we don't have plans. We will probably bundle up, hop in the van and make a stop at Tripp's tree. I would like to put a candle there and have a bit of a cry. After that I'm not sure what our morning will hold. There are cupcakes, so I might even dig them out and have one for breakfast.

This afternoon the three of us will crawl into bed and have a nap in preparation for a late night at Hugh's game. I feel so fortunate that I get to spend virtually the entire day with Hugh and Calder.

I can hardly believe it has been 2 years. . .


We miss you, we miss you, we miss you. 

Today we are going to smile and laugh, because those are the two best ways I can think of to celebrate you. 

We wish you were here to smile and laugh with us.

Love Mommy, Daddy, and Calder


  1. Happy Birthday Tripp! You have given more than you can every know....

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Tripp. Smile down brightly and warm up your family, especially today! :)

    To you all, am sending huge love, as I don't know what else to say that might even make sense. <3

  3. Happy birthday to a beautiful boy. I hope your day is full of celebration of all the good things :)

  4. Happy Birthday Tripp. I know you would have made your parents and brother so proud.


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