Our Week

Calder spent Tuesday and Wednesday on the couch with a sore throat and fever. He literally only got up to go to the bathroom. He was so out of it that I even put the cup of apple juice to his lips when he needed a drink. Then last night he woke up puking, so naturally he is back on the couch today. Calder's fever seems to have subsided, so he has perked up a bit this morning. Calder also hasn't puked since 7 am, which gives me a bit of hope that we are making our way out of the woods. 

Now - Can I keep this bug at bay??  Typically I get sick just as Calder is on the mend. Time will tell ;-)
• • •
I had my weekly appointment with my OBGYN yesterday. Everything continues to be good! I am 5 days from my due date (Tuesday, March 5). She let me know that most women have their babies within a week of their due date - so hopefully I won't be over more than that (in fact, hopefully I won't be over at all!). She wants to discuss induction/c-section next week. At this point I am doing my best not to think about either option. I have always felt that babies come when they are ready and unless there is some compelling reason for me to force this baby out, I will be putting up a fight to let it stay where it is. I need to stop right there - I am getting fired up and ready for a fight - one that I hopefully won't need to be in :-) I am my dad's daughter. 
• • •
The Shellbrook Elks have a chance to win the Saskatchewan Senior AAA Hockey championship tomorrow night in Rosetown. Game time is 8:30. It will be a great game! Provided my boy is on the mend and this baby stays where it is, I will see you there :-)


  1. I am super proud of you for being ready to put up that fight Jordan!!! Most women go with what the doc's say and ignore their instincts. The best brain development happens at the end and every day the baby wants to stay is a day they should unless there is indication to do otherwise. GOOD FOR YOU for advocating for you and your baby!


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