Good-Bye IVIG, Hello Slippers

This is my first week without my IVIG appointments. My first week not having to drag my butt out of bed and head to the Clinical Treatment Centre (CTC) at the hospital.

Last week I had cupcakes and pizza to celebrate, but I wanted something more - I  wanted slippers.

After trying on an obscene number of pairs at the mall last week, I went home empty handed and disappointed.

This past Wednesday I stepped up my game and went to The Trading Post and found these gems.
Not only do they have beautiful beadwork and are the exact color I wanted, they were made in Saskatoon!


  1. Awesome!!!! You absolutely deserve to spoil yourself! I love those! Slippers are my dirty little indulgence too! :)

    Hope you are feeling well--been keeping informed on your pregnancy and thinking of you lots!!


  2. BEAUTIFUL!! And so fluffy too!!

    Nicely done. Can't wait to hear about how you continue to spoil yourself! ;)

    (inspire me! ;))

  3. Those look so cozy and warm! Beautiful!

    Love Aunty Pat

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