39 Weeks

Who thought I would get to 39 weeks? Seriously? Did anyone? I certainly didn't and although I am still a week until my due date, I am ready. So ready, in fact, I was basically depressed yesterday that I hadn't gone into labour yet!

I have been feeling 39 weeks pregnant. Full. Full. And more full. I have been having an increased number of Braxton Hicks - which make me feel gross. I told Hugh last week that I was getting so big I had started waddling. He replied as sweetly as possible, "Honey, you have been waddling for a while now." Hahahahaha!

The baby continues to move lots, which makes me feel good, but I can't help but think that it has been 4 weeks since I had my last IVIG treatment. I wonder what my antibodies are doing to the baby. I want the baby out :-)

• • •
I am part of an online group of parents who have lost children to Neonatal Hemochromatosis. There is a mom who is getting very close to needing her first IVIG treatment and her insurance provider is refusing to pay (she lives in the states). There is a ton of support for her of other parents who have went through the same thing and eventually have had their insurance provider pick up the bill. Some of them have mentioned the cost that the hospital is charging per treatment and that charge ranges from $22 500 to $45 000. Women who need this treatment need 20 treatments. This means that the cost without insurance would be $450 000 to $900 000. This seems unbelievable to me. I am not sure how much the IVIG product costs, but I think about my 6 hours in CTC. I had an IV put in, my vitals monitored on a regular basis, warm blankets, water, and a dry turkey sandwich. I was seriously treated wonderfully by the staff. I just can't believe that the cost of those 6 hours would be $22 500 or more. I guess it there is money to be made in everything.


  1. You're getting so close Jordan! I actually cannot believe you are still preggers either actually! Are they going to induce you after 40 weeks if you don't go by then?

    I wish you a beautiful birth Jordan:) I look forward to hearing about the arrival any day:) Good luck:)

  2. Thanks, Kelly. I haven't talked to my doctor about what will happen when I get to 40 weeks - She said at my last appointment that she was as surprised as me that I was still pregnant!

    I don't want to be induced. I truly believe the baby is the best judge of when they are ready to come out. From a few things my doctor has said, she believes the same (provided all indications are saying the baby is healthy and happy in my womb). That being said, I am not sure of her opinion after the 40 week mark - hopefully I don't get there, but I want to have a vaginal birth and I'm not sure they would even let me if they had to induce. I definitely have a couple of questions for her when we meet tomorrow!

  3. Again, I must have missed you today! :)

    I'm so excited for this little bundle of yours to make his or her arrival. Then it will be way more real and go-time for my own. Continue to take care of yourself.. and waddle away!! :)

  4. Jordan ... I am so excited and happy for all three of you! I send you my warm wishes for a safe and happy delivery! Look forward to the news!

  5. So very very happy for you!


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