Tripp's Footage

I am backlogged creating home videos. I have finally finished all of 2011, save the month of February.  I had good intentions of tackling that last month today and putting the 2011 home videos behind me.

I have never watched the video we took of Tripp. So watching felt like going right back to the time in my life that he really was with us.

We took some footage of Tripp when he was just over 24 hours old. He is so beautiful in that footage. Hugh and I sound so happy as we talk about him.

The only other footage we took was when he was 4 days old. He is so sick. I couldn't watch it all. I turned it off and had to close iMovie.

I just can't stop crying about it. I want to scream, "It's not fair," but it doesn't matter how loud I yell, there is nothing that can be done about it. He was sick and he died.

I had contemplated how to weave Tripp's footage into the rest of our footage from February 2011, not quite sure how to do it in a meaningful way. I had even considered making 2 separate videos - one with Tripp's footage and one with the rest of the footage. I can't decide. They both sound like horrid options right now.

I guess maybe I am not ready to tackle February 2011 yet. So I won't.


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