"Mom" Time

I have been feeling a bit out of sorts the last couple of days. In an effort to pin down what is going on I have stumbled on sad, worried, stressed, tired, sore, and scared. None of these emotions have been overwhelming, but I have been constantly feeling some lingering residue of them the past few days.

Ultimately I think it boils down to the fact that there are so many things I want to do, but physically can't. I get crampy, sore, and tired extremely easily. I would say I can do about 1/2 an hour of walking around at a time - and then I need at least an hour on the couch to get back to feeling "normal". I can't even sit at the computer for extended periods without my Braxton Hicks getting out of control. I know I am at home to take it easy, but it sucks when I feel like I am not accomplishing anything in a day.

My only saving grace has been Calder. He has been home with me, save a couple of afternoons a week. I have moments of feeling like super mom (making healthy lunches, building puzzles, baking muffins together, etc), but I also have moments of feeling like lazy mom when I am forced to park my butt on the couch for hours at a time. It is hard to tell Calder over and over, "No, I can't play. I don't feel well." Calder is getting good at understanding that I can only do sitting things, so he is volunteering to read books, color,  and push cars to me while I am sitting on the floor. I still feel terrible though. In fact, my lack of moving around has gotten really obvious to Calder because yesterday he said to me, "Mom, when you have the baby then you'll be able to really play hockey with me - not just be the goalie." And for the record. I HATE being the goalie. So look out Calder - when mama gets back into shape, it's on!

I realized yesterday while texting with my friend, Deena, that as productive as being a mom is, I need to accomplish some things for myself in order to feel better.

So starting today here is what is going to happen on the days I have Calder for the full day. Calder is going to have to be required to entertain himself for 1 hour a day. We are going to do this by setting the timer for 20 minute blocks 3 times during the day. These 20 minutes will be called "Mom" time.  "Mom" time will NOT include making meals, tidying the house, or folding laundry. "Mom" time will be used to complete the items on my list. My VERY long list. After "Mom" time, We will set the timer for another 20 minutes. This time will be called, "Calder" time. He can pick the activity he wants to do with me (as long as I can sit) and we will do said activity for the alloted time. On the 2 days a week I have been keeping him half days, I am going to have 1 "Mom" time session. Even though I have the afternoon without Calder, I have been finding I am too tired to do much during that time and I think it will be good for routine purposes if we have "Mom" and "Calder" time everyday.

Please note that "Mom" time will not be the only time Calder is required to play by himself. I am just going to see if I can teach Calder that "Mom" time is uninterrupted time. Same thing goes for "Calder" time. It will not be the only time we do something together, but it will also be uninterrupted and he will get to pick the activity. I like to pick baking, reading, and practicing writing to do together!

Now the hard part - committing to the completion of items on my list!


  1. I love that the inner teacher in you is scheduling time slots. It helps me feel much more productive too!


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