The End

Today is the end of my IVIG treatments. Part of me can't believe it is here and the other part thinks it took an eternity.

These treatments started out as a bit of a novelty. A day away from work. Six hours to sleep, read, knit, and relax. It wasn't quite a spa day, but parts of it were really great.

As the weeks wore on it got harder to leave my classroom (I truly believed that my students learned best when I was there. Not to take ANYTHING away from the people who covered my classes - they were fabulous - kids just thrive with a routine and consistency), checking Facebook statuses all day started getting boring, and the 8 am start time got exhausting.

These last few weeks have been especially hard. I am sure part of that is due to the end being so near, but it has also been frightfully cold and leaving the house at all has become a chore.

This experience has given me a greater appreciation for anybody who goes in on a regular basis for a medical treatment (like those who go multiple times a week for kidney dialysis, for example). My treatments turned into a bit of a grind for me and there are so many people who go more often and don't have an end in sight like I did - Not to mention those who deal with a lot more aftermath than a headache and some exhaustion.

Fortunately for me, the end is here. I can celebrate today because I am 35 weeks and my treatments for Neonatal Hemochromatosis are over.

I am thinking some cupcakes may be in order. Hugh - this means you!


  1. Oh, yes, you deserve cupcakes! Fancy ones with more icing than cake.

    I hope you can retreat afterwards and go hide in your warm, cozy home! 35 weeks- congrats! :)

  2. Yeah! This also means you are getting ever so close to meeting your new little one!

  3. Congratulations, I'm getting very excited for you!


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