Baby #3 Update

I don't think I posted about our ultrasound on the 24th - Everything looked great. The baby is measuring above average and my placenta looks great as well. Calder was very pumped to see the baby. The tech was fabulous with Calder giving him a little tour after she had done her thing. She got a great view of the baby's profile and Calder is quick to imitate the baby opening and closing it's mouth if you ask him what he saw!

I am officially 32 weeks! Hooray! Next goal is 35 weeks. I am not sure why this is the goal - possibly because Tripp was born at 35 weeks - but maybe also to do with the fact that my last IVIG treatment is at 35 weeks.

I had an appointment with my OBG yesterday. My fundal height measured 34 cm. Fundal height should be within 2 cm of the number of weeks pregnant you are. The fact that I measured over the number of weeks goes along perfectly with the ultrasound from two weeks prior (the baby was measuring above average in size there as well). My next appointment is in 2 weeks. I will have another ultrasound (It is a more accurate measurement of the baby's growth, as compared to fundal height).

We are also getting referred to the team at the NICU. They know we are coming, but we want to go over what is going to happen once this baby is born (and apparently they want to go over it with us as well).

Near the end of my pregnancy with Tripp, I felt like he wasn't kicking that much. I would often lay down in the evening, drink some juice and count his movements. He always gave me the recommended number in the hour, but they were small and I had to be still to feel them. Looking back, it of course makes sense. He was sick and running out of room as the amniotic fluid was disappearing. At this point in this pregnancy I NEVER have to count. The baby is moving lots and the movements are big enough to interrupt whatever I am doing! A good sign, I think.


  1. <3 Thank you for the update! :) Think of you often... if I remember correctly- I was downtown yesterday too!!

    So good to hear about everything. Keep kicking and bodychecking little one!! :)

  2. Hey Jordan! I'll have to give you a virtual hug since we won't be running into each other at work like we thought. I'm glad that you're taking some time for yourself and baby before the big arrival. I think of you lots and am so glad to hear that things are going well. I look forward to the updates as you get closer to meeting your little one. Take care!

    - Hilary

  3. All great news Jordan! Maybe you have a little soccer player in there.

    Matt, and Katie

  4. So happy for you, Jordan! Aren't those little kicks just awesome? I am also glad to hear that Baby H is growing well - I think about you often and wish you all the best.

  5. YEAHHHH!!!! Getting closer every day! Good to hear everything is progressing well:)

  6. All I want to do right now is come feel your belly!!!!! I was totally having a crappy day, but this post maked me smile!!!!



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