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Calder Update

I updated the baby and can't help but follow that up with an update on Calder!

Calder got 2 race cars in his stocking to go with a race track he got from Santa. When you ask him what he got for Christmas he will tell you, "Number 10 and number 14". These are the numbers on those two race cars! He LOVES those things! They retail for about $3 each if Santa were to buy them at Walmart! LOL.

We gave Calder a letter puzzle and since the two of us have been spending most of our days together at home, he has really gotten into it. This has worked well for me for two reasons. #1 I can't do a lot of running around (if any) right now. #2 I really dislike playing cars (not to mention I am totally pathetic at making car sounds!). Hugh and Calder did a lot of coloring over the break and Calder has continued this interest during the day with me.

Calder is busy learning the days of the week. This has been really helpful for us when trying to explain to him when things are going to happen. He doesn't totally have his brain wrapped around them, but he is getting pretty good at listing them off when given some prompting.

Calder has also gotten enthralled with telling time. He likes to read it off our analog clock! And in fact won't even acknowledge us when we try and show him a digital clock. Calder knows his numbers, so will tell us it is 8:00 if one of the hands is pointing to the 8. We are just in the midst of teaching him to look at the small hand when telling us the hour!

Calder is OBSESSED with numbers right now. Multiple times a day he will ask, "Mom, can you count to 88? To 92? To 35? To 99?" About once a day I will count to 100 for him to hear! Calder has officially discarded eleven-teen (which I am a bit sad about - it was so darn cute!) and can now count to 30. Once he gets there he quickly reaches 100 by counting by 10's (30, 40, 50, etc.). We can thank the book Chicka Chicka 123 for that!

I am ready for Calder to turn his obsession away from numbers and back to letters. Hugh and I have been trying to teach him the sounds letters make, but he absolutely refuses to participate in any activity related to that!  Calder knows all his upper case letters and only gets the odd lower case ones confused (d and b, g and e).

I am actually quite excited to teach Calder over the next year. It is going to be incredible how much he will soak in. Calder will only participate in things he wants to, so I am off to Pinterest to find number activities!


  1. SO AWESOME! :) You're surprised that he's a math-man?? :)

    What an exciting learning year it will be. How awesome it must be to watch him learn and make those discoveries! :)


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