Warman Rodeo

Hugh and I are veterans of the Warman Rodeo Caberet (it is actually where we met, but that is a story for another post!). This year, for the first time, we took in the rodeo.
 We had a great time. The arena was a muddy mess, but the rain stayed away until my favourite event - the bull riding. We were right in the action, sitting in the bottom row of the grandstand close to the  shoots. The second rider was a high school student and the bull started doing its dance right in front of us. The rider did his best but after a few short seconds was thrown from the massive creature. The boy landed on his butt and a split second later the bull was driving his head into the boys stomach, pinning him against the fence. I had a snap shot of this boy being killed right in front of us. There was nothing I could do to help him, but I knew I couldn't let Calder witness something like that. I quickly swung around and put my hand over Calder's eyes, screening him from the horror. It was only a few short seconds after I made this move, that the clowns had intervened and the boy had scrambled his way to the top of the fence. I was relieved. Calder on the other hand was mad. He spent those few short seconds yelling, "MOM, I CAN'T SEE! I CAN'T SEE!"
I am very impressed with a few of the photos from my iPhone. All the photos in today's post were taken with it. I used TurboCollage to create the collage. It is an app you can purchase from the iStore for $4.99. 


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