Three illiterate smokers? Or three rude smokers?

This week I had to go to St. Paul's Hospital. As I walked in there were three woman smoking directly in front of the NO SMOKING sign below. Had I not been so emotional (my first time back there since the Friday Tripp was born) I seriously would have told on them. Yes. I was one of THOSE kids!
As you can see, I had no choice but to walk right past the three puffers. 
I hate smoking, but know there is nothing I can do about strangers filling their lungs with cancer. I just wish they would be respectful of the fact that I don't want my lungs filled with cancer.


  1. I wish cigarettes did not exist. A smoker is not rude or illiterate. They are trapped in an addiction haze that causes them to make selfish and stupid choices. It is like a crack addict or puts their crack before their kids...a hard thing for us to understand because we have not been there. It doesn't mean they don't love their kids or they are a horrible person inside. It is because they are broken inside, their addiction is controlling them:(

    As a former smoker, I know how the addiction fuels the behaviour. However, I was always SUPER CONSCIOUS of how my behaviour effected non-smokers and I would NEVER smoke in a door way or near a building. I am so glad to be completely free of that addiction, because it truly stresses you out more, and changes you into someone you are not.

    My Mom smoked her last cigarette on September 6th 2010. She died on September 7th of cancer. My siblings and father still smoke. Seems ridiculous and super STUPID...but that is how strong the addiction is:(


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