Yesterday morning I heard a story of a grade 1 student. It broke my heart. It was a story of abuse and neglect.

Since Tripp died, sad stories feel even sadder. When I hear or read about them, my stomach gets upset, my spirit sinks and I feel like I move closer to the brink - brink of what, I'm not sure. I feel helpless. There is absolutely nothing I can do for that student but be sad. And angry that there are people in this world who don't love their kids the way they should.

Yesterday, after hearing that story, I avoided all things sad. While I ate my lunch at work I saw THIS post. It was inspiring and I wanted to watch the video posted with it, but I knew that the inspiration in the video was going to come through a sad story. One sad story a day is enough for me, so I moved on, making a mental note to go back to watch on a different day.

Then last night I was cruising around the internet and came across THIS. For some reason I was drawn to it. I knew it was going to be sad, but I didn't care. Maybe I wanted the sadness, so I could release some of the emotion pent up from earlier in the day. Whatever the reason, the story I found was of a young boy dying of cancer. As I read I felt my emotions grab hold of me, so tightly, I couldn't hold them in. Once again I felt helpless. There is nothing I can do to cure that little boy. There is nothing I can do to protect his family from the sorrow that is to come.

I cried.

Last night, I was luckier than I was yesterday morning. I had one outlet. I could head outside and snap this picture. The stones were collected by Calder for his rock collection and arranged by me for Dyrk.

Tonight I am reminded that even the smallest of gestures can bring comfort to a stranger. Check out the Facebook page for Dyrk Burcie and explore the pictures taken for him. There are some pretty incredible ones.


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