6 pm Bedtime

Calder wasn't feeling 100% last night. At around 5:40 pm, rather than climb up to the table to eat, he curled up on the couch with Ella and his blankey. I was hungry, so I sat down to eat my supper.  I glanced to the couch 10 minutes later to see Calder on the verge of sleeping.

I went over, scooped him up and took him to bed. I decided to crawl into bed with him. Calder would NEVER fall asleep with us in his room on a regular night, so I took advantage of our sleepy boy and watched him twist Ella's tail between his fingers as his breathing got deeper and deeper. Two minutes later he was asleep.

His usual 7 pm bedtime provides us with ample time to ourselves in the evening, so last night's 6 pm bedtime felt like an eternity. I surfed the internet for hotel rooms for my ball provincials in July while texting Deena (we had debriefing to do after our tournament on the weekend:-), before I headed outside to do some yard work. . . And there is ALOT of it.

Once again, my garden is a disaster. Half the seeds didn't come up. They rotted underground with all the moisture we've had the last 2 weeks. Unfortunately, NONE of the weeds drowned. Good news is I love weeding. Crazy I know, but I like the peacefulness of it. I can get lost in my thoughts, guilt-free, because I am being productive at the same time.

At about 7:45 pm, Cleo came traipsing into the backyard, which was strange because I purposefully left her in the house. She is nursing a torn ACL, so we are limiting her activity as much as possible. I figured Hugh must be home, until I heard the distant call of "Mom!" My heart skipped a beat as I headed to the front yard. As I torn into the house, I heard the soft patter of Calder's feet. He was doing the "I can barely breathe, I've been crying so hard" kind of cry. Realizing I wasn't in the house, Calder opened the door to the garage during his search.

The poor guy got up to go to the bathroom and had thought I left him. After 30 seconds of hugs, a quick pep talk entitled, "Mom and Dad Will Never Leave You Home Alone, So If We Are Not Inside, We Are in the Backyard," and a glass of milk, I carried Calder back to bed.

He was hacking up a lung yesterday, so I hope last night's extended rest helps heal what ails him.


  1. That is heartbreaking! I can imagine how scared the little guy was:'(

    At the first sign of a cold coming on, put a humidifier with a few drops of oil of oregano, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus. It will help him breathe deeper, and the oregano and tea tree have microbial and antiviral properties which at the very least will keep the pneumonia bacteria at bay. Hope he feels better soon!

  2. I am going to put those three things on my list. Calder has been coughing on and off the last few months. Thanks, Kelly!


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