Get Happiness Back

On Sunday I picked up the July copy of Good Housekeeping that was sitting on my night stand. I started getting them in August, but save one or two articles, I haven't bothered to read any of them (And to think I almost subscribed to a parenting magazine last week, because "it is only $14.95 for 12 issues!" Hugh was quick to point to the stack of unread Good Housekeeping. Game. Set. Match.)

In Good Housekeeping, Gretchen Rubin has a column devoted to her Happiness Project. It was exactly what I needed. I had been feeling overwhelmed at the tasks in front of me and the craziness of our summer. In July's column Rubin asks her readers to weigh in on the tasks in their lives that take away from their happiness and gives advice on how to "Get Happiness Back".

The first item on the list was not getting to bed at a decent time. I used to be the queen of the 9 pm bedtime, but the past few months I have been watching one more show, or reading one more chapter. I keep telling myself, "I deserve it." Well, I deserve to have a good night's sleep so I'm not dragging my butt all day and too tired to do anything in the evening. First up on my "Get Happiness Back" list was a decent night's sleep (so far, I have had 2!).

One of the other items that hit home for me was feeling discouraged by my messy house. I have been really slacking when it comes to my 1 minute rule (doing any task that takes 1 minute or less immediately - no procrastinating) and when it comes to doing a clean sweep in the evening to put away any of the items left around the house.  There is no magic fix for this. I just need to make it a priority. (I have also had 2 good days with this!)

Thirdly, I connected with  having a hard time fitting exercises into my day. Today I actually packed all my running gear, only to get to school and realize I had forgotten my shoes! No work-out. Lame, I know, but there's always tomorrow!

Lastly Rubin's readers said they were being weighed down by projects around the house. I can definitely relate to this, but more in a "Nagging To-Do List" sense. I am going to make a list over the next week of things I would like to get done over the summer (get my engagement ring and wedding band cleaned, finishing planting the perennials I have purchased, get a hair cut and massage. . . you get the picture). My goal is for the two weeks Hugh plans on working, Calder and I will do his swimming lesson in the morning and one of my list items in the afternoon. Check. Check. Check.

Reading this article has helped motivate me to work on being my best self. I had kind of been slacking there for a while!


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