Funfetti Sandwich Cookies

While surfing on Pinterest I found Funfetti Sandwich Cookies (the link includes the original blog post and recipe). They looked divine. I mean seriously, who doesn't love rainbow chip?

I gave them a try last night. They have ingredients I have at home (cake mix, oil, milk, vanilla, eggs, icing sugar, margarine) and minimal prep work.

First, the things I didn't like:

  • The batter was really quite running compared to regular cookie batter. This made it hard to get the cookies off the spoon in an orderly fashion.
  • The cookies were hard to get off of the cookie sheet. I found myself smooshing them as I tried to coax them off.
Second, the things I did like:
  • They look scrumptious. My don't look quite as professional as those on the original post, but I have already eaten two and my mouth is watering just looking at them.
  • They taste as good as they look!
  • They are super easy to throw together. I even cheated and used icing from a can to save some time last night. The whole process probably only took 3/4 of an hour (which includes cooking time, but not cooling time).
Third, the things I would change:
  • I have a recipe for homemade Oreos. It is EXACTLY the same except you use a chocolate cake mix and you do not add milk or vanilla. I will cut the milk out next time and see how that affects the consistency of the batter. It seems to me when I make the homemade Oreos you can roll the cookies into balls (which would help to keep all the cookies the same size and shape).
  • I would make a double recipe. This only made 20 cookies. I like to go big or go home when it comes to baking. I bake some to eat, some to freeze and some to give away. This recipe only allowed me to eat some and give some away! And they are so good, I would have liked to have had a few for my freezer (although my waistline is probably thankful for the single batch, because it knows I have NO will power).
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  1. It doesn't matter how many cookies you make as long as the ones you give away make it to my house.

    Aunty Jes :)

  2. So delicious!! Might need to AVOID this recipe... :s


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