Well, I didn't have to clean the car seat. . .

Calder spent Sunday night at his buddy, Dylan's house, so after Boone got up from his morning nap on Monday I fed him and thought I would take advantage of only having one kid and run some errands.

Boone's butt looked a bit red so I figured he could have some naked time while I got dressed and ready to run our errands. I stripped Boone down, put him on a blanket, and gathered some toys around him. Seconds after I put him down he started to complain - he wasn't crying, just grumbling. I increased my pace and headed to the bedroom to get dressed. I knew I didn't have a lot of time. The grumbling continued as I got dressed, but after about a minute or so it stopped. I figured he found some toy that suited his current mood and decided to brush my hair and teeth while he was happy. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Apparently, Boone heard my rant last week about the car seat not being a shitter. We were a mere 10 minutes away from being in the van and rather than having his usual poop explosion there, he kindly decided to do it at home. Unfortunately for me, he just so happened to be unsupervised and naked.

Approximately 3 minutes had elapsed since I left Boone in the living room naked when I returned to find this. Boone is enjoying some sort of poop slip and slide. What you aren't seeing here is that when I arrived I had to pull that poopy blanket out of his mouth. Please don't call social services :-)

This is not a great shot, but you can see poop on his eyebrow. It is also on his nose, cheeks and chin (not to mention every other part of his body - well minus his lips. . . he had licked those clean). I had to give Boone two baths - after I rinsed all the poop off him, the water was such a cloudy yellow, I figured there was no way he was going to be clean coming out of it. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I guess I can be thankful that this time he had only went 8 days between bowel moments and not 16.

Once again, I hope I didn't ruin your breakfast. Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOLOLOLOL! Love the pictures! You can bet I won't be calling CPS because I know exactly how this happens since my record is 2/4 kids who have consumed their own poop. One child did it multiple times actually. yuck.

    Poop Slip and Slide....That is soooo hilarious!!!!

  2. OMG! I am laughing so hard right now! This absolutely made my day!!!

  3. LOL! Sorry, I know it likely wasn't funny at the time, but you will have many laughs over this one! Hilarious!

  4. I had a similar moment, because I tried to rush a shower once...

    Thankfully it was before Bee could roll around... and it was contained to just wherever she could kick her feet.

    Lol, the slip 'n slide is way more fun. Nicely played Boone! :)

  5. Kelly, as it was happening, I was feeling a bit bad that he consumed some poop, but I swiftly reminded myself that this kind of thing must happen to other people! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone :-)

    Carey - after I got past the "He ate poop" part, it definitely felt funny :-)

  6. I just read this post right now and was laughing the entire time! Too funny, but I know at the time it didn't seem funny at all! Two baths...wow that was a bad one! Sorry not trying to rub it in or anything. Love the pictures!



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