Luke's Wedding

I know this isn't the best photo of the happy couple, but because of how the day went it is the only one on my camera. If I get my hands on some jpg's from another location at some point I will be sure to share!

In order to get Calder to smile nice, there always has to be the incentive of a silly photo to follow!
The Ring Bearer

Happy Monday!


  1. What a lovely family! But really, I was hoping to see pictures of your shoes. Did they arrive in time???

  2. The shoes DID NOT COME :-( I did find some Some hot Red/Coral ones in Tisdale that were splashy, but they didn't make it to this point in the day - my feet blistered. Luckily I had the hot red ones we bought in Toronto to slip into!

  3. Even the back-up shoes sound fun - let's see! Gorgeous pictures.

  4. I would also like to see your shoes... but I LOVE Calders! :) He looks adorable! :)

  5. This is so adorable wedding. Loved having a glance at these fun photos from the ceremony. My cousin is going to get married and I am helping her with the wedding planning. Recently I am making a list of best outdoor DC wedding venues for her reception party. I am sure that will find a good location within the budget.


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