Last weekend Calder and Hugh camped out in our back yard. They took almost every blanket from the house out to the tent. It has been getting quite cool here overnight (sometimes as low as 5 degrees) and they needed a "cushiony" bed! Calder even dug out some of his baby blankets that he hasn't used in almost a year to put in the tent!

Calder was SO excited to do this. We could barely get him to listen to anything we said until it was time to head out for the "sleeping" portion of the night! 

Boone and I had a visit with the big boys before it was time for Boone to hit the hay and then we snuck out there first thing in the morning for some cuddles. 

I was not one bit sad that Boone "had" to stay inside for the night to get a good night's rest. Camping really isn't my thing - even it it is in the backyard. I quite enjoyed the comforts of my bed. I took advantage of sleeping alone and parked myself right in the middle of our queen sized bed!

I know that Hugh will do this every year with Calder (and eventually Boone). Even though it was our backyard, it was still a fabulous adventure!

Happy Thursday!


  1. That is awesome! Piper and I tented in the backyard on the weekend as well. Clint was the one who enjoyed our queen sized bed, while I snuggled Piper to stay warm in the tent.

  2. So much fun. I remember sleeping in the tent in the backyard too! Best memories ever!


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