One more first

In my rush to list all of the first for the weekend I forgot one that I am really proud of.


I have never ran this far before. My plan had been to run for 4.5K for the first time on Sunday, but as I neared the half way point of my run, I thought I could maybe do a full 5K. I ran it in 34:58. Seriously, I am getting psyched all over again just writing it. I am so proud of myself. My first goal was to run 5K and then to get it down to 35 minutes and I did both in one shot. My next goal is to get it down to 30 minutes by the end of September. I am running in the Elk Ridge Fun Run and this gives me 2 months to get there.

I am having a bit of trouble posting my Nike + runs on Facebook. I would like to share my progress. Like I said before, I have been finding it really motivating to see my friends out there getting active. I will be seeing my sister on the weekend and she is a bit more versed in this app then I am (she helped me change it from miles to km).

Happy Thursday!


  1. If your having trouble with the Nike app posting, try runtastic pro. It isnessentially the same thing. It seems to post to Facebook and Myfitnesspal just fine.

    The only down side to the app is if you set your run for 5k in 35 minutes the lovely (ha) British kady will pause your music and speak ever so nicely, telling your that you are not running fast enough.....

  2. Ha! That's hilarious, Becky! I didn't know you could set a time and a distance at the same time! I may have to try just so I can hear her interrupt my run!


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