I've got a beef, Boone

Boone has pooped 4 times since we got back from our holiday to Calgary at the start of July. He is going anywhere from 7 to 16 days between bowel movements. This is quite common with breastfed babies and I was told by my sister-in-law, Brittany, that babies could even go a month between movements!

Hugh is appalled by this and is quick to ask anyone, "Could you imagine how you would feel if you went two weeks between poops?!"

Not changing poopy diapers is glorious! I am actually thinking of NEVER introducing solids so I can continue not changing poopy diapers!

One of the downsides of this situation is the gas Boone produces. As he gets farther away from his most recent bowel movement the gas gets exponentially worse. I am sure you are thinking that it can't be that bad. It is. Boone's gas is worse that a full grown man's after a feast of chili dogs. I have actually had many people hand Boone back to me convinced he has filled his pants, only to have me inform them that he is just passing gas. They can't believe that something that smells that bad does not come with a fully loaded diaper.

In the whole scheme of things the gas is a minor blurp. My beef comes when Boone decides its time to relieve himself. It gets UGLY. Three of his four bowel movements this summer have been explosions in the car seat. If Boone could understand, I would be forcefully telling him, "Your car seat is NOT the shitter!!!" We have become experts at cleaning up 2 weeks of poop smeared all over Boone and his car seat on the side of the highway. We have learned how to position blankets to cover up the car seat poop so we can get Boone back in. I can now take his car seat cover off and on in record time in order to wash it.

His most recent poop exploded in his seat on Sunday after my brother's wedding. It was so bad that when I lifted him out of his seat I got poop on my hand and it came from underneath his armpit. Hugh, Boone and I all needed showers after that one.

Hope I didn't ruin your breakfast! Happy Wednesday!


  1. LOL. Gross, but totally hilarious. I have never had this no-poop baby problem but many of my friends babies have. My sister's BIL and his wife had a baby who went six weeks! They went to see specialists and everything only to find out it was completely fine and the baby just didn't need to go. Can you imagine what came out when that baby pooped!!!!
    My babies were more like the 3-4 times a day poopers from day one and their gas never had odor (Jax could probably still say his farts don't stink;).
    I would suggest if you are ever worried that you have a beer. I found anytime I had a beer my baby would have looser movements the next day. Doing this once a week could mean avoiding the pooplosions that have been occurring:)

  2. Sorry to hear, but thanks for the laugh!
    On a totally different note - the photography class I took last spring is being offered again this fall. It's Monday nights for 3 hours for 5 weeks starting Sept. 23rd. It's really worth it. $120. It's in the Martensville Fall Program Guide if you're intersted.

  3. Haha. So funny. I worked with this little boy who was on a ketogenic diet so his poops were very very very smelly. I was changing him once and I swear I saw a cloud of gaseous odour as soon as I opened up his diaper. I had to look away as I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Nope. It was actually there. Never forget that!

  4. Lol!!!!!!! Oh the joys of parenting!

  5. 6 weeks is crazy! Calder had breast milk until he was just shy of 6 months and pooped multiple times a day, too. I can't remember about his gas, though! Probably wasn't too bad since I have no memory of it :-)

    Thanks for heads up on the class, Diane! I am going to look into it.

    I am thankful I haven't got to the point where I can see Boone's gas! That is just crazy!

  6. And thank you again, for making me (and Bee) feel normal! :)

    Oh the poopslosions... :s

    And whoever told me that baby gas doesn't stink is just rude. And mean. And caused me a lot of worries! Thank you for calming me down- STINKerpuss over here can definitely stink up the room... :s :)


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