Tobin Lake 2013

If you follow Deena's blog, this post might seem a bit familiar. In fact, you may even have a feeling of deja vu when you peer at the photos. My camera was at Tobin, but unfortunately didn't have any working batteries. All photos on this post were taken by the talented, Deena. See Deena's post HERE.

 This was our second ANNUAL trip with the Simairs. Dan was adamant that we couldn't call it annual before we actually had 2 under our belt!  We love hanging out with this family.

Deena is always good for snapping a few selfies! In fact, I left my phone unattended and ended up with one of her on there as well! This photo of Boone is the only one of him not crying or grumpy. He was sick when we were at Tobin. He actually had a fever for almost a week with the tail end of it being on our trip. He slept like crap while we were there, crying unconsolably multiple times during the night for all 3 nights. He was under the weather for so long, I thought I had lost my happy, easy baby. I am happy to report he is now back to his regular self! Thanks to Deena and Dan for being so understanding about our screaming babe!

 Note my socks and flip flops. It was COLD while we were there. Now, I am a bit cold blooded, but I seriously only took my hoodie off to go for a run and even then my hands were chilly! Deena and I LOVE hotdogs, so there will never be a Simair/Hamilton summer trip without their appearance!
The weather was cold, but we couldn't keep the boys out of the water! 

We had an awesome time and are already planning our 3rd ANNUAL trip for next summer!

Happy Wednesday!


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