Swimming lessons

Calder did swimming lessons the last two weeks in July. Martensville has a great outdoor pool, so we took advantage and did them in our hometown. Our lessons were at 11 am which was a fantastic time for us. Calder's instructor was fabulous. She did a great job of motivating the kids, playing songs and games with them, and encouraging each of them to extend themselves a little past their comfort zone. 

My only complaint about the experience was the water. It was freezing. There was a couple of times that Calder came out half way through a lesson in tears because he was so cold. I am seriously considering writing a letter to the City of Martensville. Apparently, the heater in the pool works and the cold water is being blamed on the cold weather. Having talked to a number of people who have went to some of the outdoor pools in the city, I don't buy it. If the city pools are warm, there is no reason ours can't be too. And you need to know that it isn't just cold when you get in. It is the kind of cold that even if you are moving around, you just don't get used to it!

I am hoping the weather warms up this week - I would love to do some serious outside summer activities, like swimming! Unfortunately, according to the forecast, I don't think I'm going to get it!

Happy Tuesday! And stay warm out there!


  1. I used to love going to outdoor pools when it was "colder" out (and when I was younger and had less feeling in my body??) because the pool felt warm compared to the cold air.

    I think you're right: they could get it so that children are comfortable! :(


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