Hugh's brother, Billy, and his daughter, Harper (9 months). Hugh and Boone (4.5 months).

Pace (2.5 years), Calder (4.5 years)

We feel very fortunate having Hugh's brother and his family live in the same community as us. Hugh and I are excited to help Calder and Boone build memories with these very special people. I will note that one very special person was missing from these shots, our niece, Maddy. She was at her dad's when these pictures were taken.

Happy Friday.


  1. Great pictures! I cannot believe how beefy Boone is! He reminds me exactly of Jaxen at the same age (he is still rather 'stocky'. lol).

  2. Beefy is a great way to describe him :-) I also affectionately use pork chop!


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