I haven't written about Tripp in a while, but for the last few days it's all I've wanted to do. The thing about writing about him is more often than not there isn't anything new to write. I miss him. I think about him all the time. I still feel moments of envy and constantly wonder what our life would be with 3 little boys instead of 2. See, nothing new.

This week there actually is a bit of new. I am anticipating a family event without Tripp. My brother, Luke is getting married to the lovely, Brittany. I am feeling similar anticipation to that I've had before some of our "firsts" or before Christmas or Mother's Day. I am sad that on one of the most special days of my brother's life, Tripp will not be there. I am sad for Luke and Brittany. I am sad for me.

The great thing about Luke's wedding is that we will be surrounded by family we don't often get to see. So along with the sadness I am anticipating, I am also anticipating some great conversations and lots of laughter.

Hugh posted a great article on Facebook a couple of days ago entitlted, Grief Intelligence: A Primer . I really connected.

Happy Monday.


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